Kettle Valley's History: Today

When the Village of Kettle Valley was founded nearly 20 years ago, we had big visions of creating a unique and special community in an up and coming city. Located at the heights of Kelowna’s Upper Mission, many people said that it couldn’t be done. Indeed, our team spent many hours discussing the project with City of Kelowna staff, residents, and other stakeholders as we worked to literally rewrite laws that would lead to a better kind of community.



Two decades later, Kettle Valley is a well-known community and was even awarded the ‘Best Community in Canada’ by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association. By carefully designing everything, from the width of our streets to the architecture of the homes, we were able to craft a feeling of neighbourliness that so many unknowingly crave. People stroll through the parks with their families and host pool parties. Neighbours greet each other in the driveway and the kids play soccer together. This community is truly unlike any other in the Okanagan, and perhaps even British Columbia.

The Kettle Valley Neighbourhood Residents Association

As our development moves forward, there will come a time when our work is done and the heart of the community will lie entirely with the residents themselves. Since the earliest days of Kettle Valley, the residents have been gathering together to create special events that bond neighbours together. Some of these events include an annual Easter egg hunt and bicycle parade, as well as the extremely popular Kettle Valley Giant Neighbourhood Garage Sale held each spring.



One of our devoted residents, Len McFarlane, has been working hard to help establish Kettle Valley Neighbourhood, a resident’s association for the community. They have even repurposed our original logo, helping to represent Kettle Valley’s past and how far the community has come over the years. Through their Facebook page, they are able to help connect neighbours and share everything from local business information to lost pets.


Looking Ahead

As we look forward our excitement for the future of Kettle Valley grows. As lots where families can construct unique, forever homes fly off the market we grow more excited to meet our new neighbours. We’re looking forward to the wonderful events which will be hosted, including those traditional events which have been hosted every year and the introduction of new initiatives. We’ll always treasure our annual Garage Sale but we also wait with anticipation for the introduction of our Movie in the Park series happening this September.


Nevertheless, even as we welcome new faces, introduce new events and expand our streets, we look forward to a future which is always warm, welcoming and offers a true sense of community.



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