Notice of Public Information Meeting:
Legacy Neighbourhood 410 Providence Avenue, Kelowna BC

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Dear Neighbours,

As you may know, The “Legacy Neighbourhood” (410 Providence Ave) is an undeveloped 14.11-acre parcel of land in the master-planned community of Kettle Valley. It is the last remaining parcel of privately-owned land in the original Kettle Valley plan area and provides an opportunity to complete the neighbourhood with new housing and a range of community amenities.

We are proposing to complete the final piece of the Kettle Valley Neighbourhood Plan with a range of housing, including 19 single family homes, 14 duplexes and 66 townhomes and several significant community amenities that will deliver long-term community benefits. These include a permanent, full-size sports field, a Community Green and Pavilion and landscaped pedestrian path that connects these amenity spaces.

In the Fall of 2021 and Spring of 2022, the Kettle Valley Planning Team engaged with the neighbourhood in a robust community consultation. The consultation program provided an opportunity to reimagine the 14.11-acre Legacy Neighbourhood together within the context of Kettle Valley’s final phase. After careful listening to our neighbours, Kettle Valley submitted a new rezoning application to the City in December 2022. The rezoning application seeks approval to amend the existing institutional zoning (P2) to accommodate residential uses (RU1, RU2, RU3, MF2) and parks and open space (P3). Key changes that have been implemented, and features that have been retained, in response to community input include:

New Community Pavilion

The addition of a new, centralized pavilion space for the community, as a distinct gathering place for social events.

Increased Green Space & Retained Hillside

Parkland has been expanded to nearly 50% of site (previously 25%), including a new Orchard Meadow Park, a new Commons Park, and a new Thalia Green, along with new benches and picnic tables. The natural hillside has been retained, to maximize greenspace and ensure the privacy of neighbours.

Cedar Creek Trail

The natural habitat will be enhanced with an integrated, winding Cedar Creek Trail, a gentle pedestrian-friendly 2.5m wide park connector, linking Main St and Quilchena Park.

Sports Field

A full size sports field has been retained and repositioned, adjacent to the existing parking and washroom facilities.

Revised Housing Mix

The new plan for Kettle Valley includes a range of housing, including 19 single family homes, 14 duplexes and 66 townhomes. Duplexes were introduced along a public street, and to better integrate with Thalia + Quilchena neighbours.

Anticipated Timeline

We hope to come before Mayor and Council for our public hearing in early 2023. We will keep the community informed as we progress, we thank you for your continued interest + support.

Yours sincerely,
Village of Kettle Valley