Legacy Neighbourhood

The “Legacy Neighbourhood” (410 Providence Ave) is an undeveloped, privately-owned 14.11 acre parcel of land in the master planned community of Kettle Valley. It is the last remaining parcel in the Kettle Valley development and provides an opportunity to complete the community with new housing and a range of community amenities.

Our Proposal

Following our October Listening Tour, we crafted a revised design vision for the Legacy Neighbourhood reflecting and balancing what we heard throughout our discussions with the neighbourhood with what the lands can provide in completing the community.

The owners of the site are proposing to complete the final piece of the Kettle Valley Neighbourhood Plan with a range of housing, including 19 single family homes, 14 duplexes and 66 townhomes and several significant community amenities that will deliver long-term community benefits. These include a permanent, full-size sports field, a Community Green and Pavilion and landscaped pedestrian path that connects these amenity spaces.

Proposal Evolution

The planning process for the Village of Kettle Valley was launched in 1996. Over the past 26 years, the masterplan has continued to evolve based on stakeholder input and to reflect the growing needs of the community. This final parcel of undeveloped land has similarly been through a lengthy process, including submissions in 2016, 2020, and 2022.

Since the last submission (2020) for this Legacy Neighbourhood, the Kettle Valley planning team has undertaken a robust community consultation and engagement process which resulted in a revised and improved plan (submitted in March 2022) reflective of the feedback received during this process.

Key changes that have been implemented, and features that have been retained, in response to community input include:

  • Retain natural hillside greenspace + neighbour privacy
  • Enhance habitat + integrated with winding Cedar Creek Trail
  • Recognize Community Heart along Thalia St with new Commons Park
  • Expand Parkland to nearly ~50% of site (previously 25%)
  • New Orchard Meadow Park
  • Retain gentle pedestrian-friendly 2.5m wide Cedar Creek trail as park connector linking Main St and Quilchena Park
  • Retain and repositioned Full-Size Sportsfield adjacent to existing parking and washrooms
  • Provide variety of Single Family, Duplex + Townhomes
  • Retain Traditional Character in Design Guidelines
  • New Community Social Events Heart Pavilion
  • New Thalia Green to open up site lines + access at corner of Thalia and Quilchena
  • Introduce Duplex homes along public street
  • Replace Townhomes with 2-storey Duplexes to match Thalia + Quilchena neighbours
  • Additional parking within Quilchena Park
  • Traffic Calming with Quilchena Roundabout + Providence narrowed crosswalks
  • Enhance park features with new benches + picnic tables
  • Reduce Neighbourhood Density to 99 homes: 19 Single Family, 14 Duplex + 66 Townhomes

Final Neighbourhood Concept

The final plan for Legacy Neighbourhood reflects the community priorities identified during consultation process. Click here to download the April 2022 Open House information boards showing the Final Legacy Neighbourhood Concept.

Final Neighbourhood Concept: A revised rezoning and OCP Amendment application was submitted in March 2022. The retained and repositioned site elements are set within a complete neighbourhood as part of a new, enlarged park.

Project Timelines & Next Steps

The Kettle Valley Legacy project was approved at a Public Hearing on August 15, 2023. Anticipated timelines are as follows:

  • Public Hearing: August 15, 2023 (approved)
  • Construction (Soccer Field): Anticipated for Fall/Winter 2023
  • Construction (Legacy Neighbourhood): Anticipated for Spring/Summer 2024-2027/28