Design-Build in Kettle Valley with Kentland Homes

If you’ve ever taken a drive or a walk on the streets of Kettle Valley, you will have seen a home from Kentland Homes. Established in 1996, Kentland Homes is the in-house design-build firm that operates primarily in our community but will build throughout Kelowna.

A Design-Build Company in Kelowna

As a design-build company, Kentland Homes is able to design home plans that are specific to your needs and that make the best use of your chosen lot, including the views, slope, and yard use. Most other homebuilders purchase their plans from other companies and only handle the construction, not the design.

Custom home builder in Kelowna  

When a home is designed and built by the same company, you can trust that the relationship that you’ve built with your designer will carry through to the construction process. A design-build firm is also able to ensure that the details that are carefully and thoughtfully included in the design process are executed during the build phase.

Design Your Dream Home in Kettle Valley

The team at Kentland Homes specializes in building dream homes that capture the feeling and community design within Kettle Valley. To that end, the Kentland Homes team is a big fan of, a website and online community that is devoted to home design, architecture, landscape design, interior design and decor. The website features millions of photos, articles, and products that you can save to an “Ideabook” and then share with Kentland Homes. Using things like Pinterest and Houzz, you can have an active hand in designing your home and working with your design-build team to make sure that your vision is truly captured in your new Kettle Valley home.

Design-Build in Kelowna

Kentland Welcomes Collaboration

One of the things that sets Kentland Homes apart from other home builders is their open-door policy for homeowners; Clients are welcome to visit anytime they wish and that includes visiting the home site.

Not only are clients welcome to visit the home site, they are also welcome to take on some of the work themselves to help save on costs and get involved in the construction of their home. The Kentland Homes team understands that homeowners may have a very good friend or relative who is a general contractor or trade that is willing to give them a good price on work performed. When you work with Kentland, they allow you to use that friend, providing that they meet the following conditions:

  • The contractor friend can provide Kentland Homes copies of certificates showing that they are fully licensed and properly insured to operate a business in BC that relates to the specific job(s) that the client would like to take on
  • The contractor has the ability to complete his or her work within the time allotted under the completion schedule put forth by Kentland Homes

Custom staircase

Modern Technology Helps Communication Flow

Communication between builder and client is key. A good builder always want their clients to feel that they are kept in the loop of progress. Kentland Homes works with many clients that live in other areas of Canada, or outside of the country, while their homes are being built. While the distance may be great, it is still important to these homeowners to be kept up to date regarding the progress of their home build.

Kettle Valley homes

Today’s modern technology now plays an important part in how Kentland Homes communicates with clients when they are challenged by distance. Taking a few photos each day and sending them via email or text message gives Kentland clients great comfort in being able to see how their build is progressing. Regular communication also gives builders and clients the ability to make decisions regarding the use of certain products or changes to layouts in the plans. Pictures and plan changes can be sent instantaneously and once received allows builder and client the ability to have a productive discussion about the project.

Kentland Homes - Your Kettle Valley Home Builder & Beyond

Kentland Homes offers more than 55 years of experience between its two key members, specializing in custom design-build homes in Kettle Valley. For more information on available home plans, contact 250-764-1306 or email

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