9 Fun Things To Do In Kelowna Parks This Summer

School's out and students and families here in Kettle Valley are excited about another beautiful summer in Kelowna.

There are more than 10 park spaces in Kettle Valley, so the families that call this place home are never more than a few minutes walk from these beautiful outdoor spaces. We recently sponsored the Chute Lake Elementary School Carnival and it got us thinking about all of the great things you can do in the many parks throughout the neighbourhood.

1. Enjoy a Picnic

Planning a picnic lunch in the park is one of those memories that can last a lifetime. Whether it’s a big potluck with the neighbours or just packing up the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids, a picnic is a fun way to make lunch or dinner a little more special.

2. Bring a Ball

Whether or not you’re particularly good at kicking around a soccer ball or throwing a great pitch, you can always count on a casual sports game to encourage children to play together. If you’re new to the neighbourhood, you will find that many of the local kids have played soccer, so encourage your kids to invite the others in the game.

3. Snap Some Photos

Thanks to social media and camera phones, kids (and adults) are very familiar with photography these days. Take a walk and snap some photos of the neighbourhood and the nature in the parks, including caterpillars, butterflies, and pretty flowers. You can even tag #kettlevalley and we may share your photo with our followers!

4. Play Some Old-Fashioned Games

Parks are a great place to get people together and play nostalgic games like Tag, Blind-Man’s Bluff, Red Rover, and Duck Duck Goose. You can also set up tournaments for things like hula-hooping, potato sack races, egg and spoon balancing races, and tug of war. Plus, when you play these games with your kids, you will help build a fun - and possibly funny - memory that they will cherish for years to come.

5. Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a way to keep the kids occupied and get them out of the house for a few hours, you can’t beat a good scavenger hunt! Create a list of items that the kids need to collect or accomplishments they need to achieve. The kids may have to take a selfie at the top of a hill or video proof that they ran a lap around the playground backwards.

6. Explore Your Artistic Side

Not all children are socially confident or good at sports, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun at the park. Take a couple of sketchbooks and some pencils to the park and encourage your child to draw the trees, fountains, and playground equipment. You can also do fun things like pencil rubbings, clay casts of leaves, or just colouring in a colouring book.

7. Fly a Kite

It seems like flying kites is one of things that people don’t do often enough anymore. Get a simple kite so that you are prepared for a windy day or try making your own with lightweight fabrics or paper.

8. Read a Book

For those who love a good book, no matter your age, the park can be the perfect place to read a chapter or two. You can take advantage of the sunshine and warm Okanagan weather and be a part of the local community just by being present.

9. Check Out a Concert

Festivals Kelowna offers a fun concert series each summer called Parks Alive! at parks throughout the city. Each year an event is hosted in Quilchena Park in Kettle Valley.

Date: Tuesday, August 4th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Location: Quilchena Park

Theme: Strummers and Stories (folk)

Performer:  Cipes Brothers at 6:30 PM and The Kettle Valley Brakemen at 7:15 PM

Extra Fun: The City of Kelowna Park & Play will be on site too! 
This year marks the 100th year of the Kettle Valley Railway and rumour has it that there may be some special guests to help showcase the history of Kettle Valley.

Parks are a wonderful place to get to know your neighbours, get some fresh air and take in the wonderful nature that Kettle Valley has to offer. Just make sure you pack your sunscreen!


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