Kettle Valley’s First $1M Lot Is Sold!

Kettle Valley was founded more than 18 years ago in 1996 and was the first neo-traditional community in the Okanagan Valley. At that time, the population in Kelowna was around 90,000 people. Today, the city has grown to an estimated 122,000 and Kettle Valley has grown right along with it.

The Beginning

When Kettle Valley was founded, lots started at $56,900 and homes could be purchased for as low as $191,300.

Kettle Valley’s First $1M Home

In October 2003, just seven years after our community began, Kettle Valley sold its first million dollar home. Designed and built by Kettle Valley’s in-house building company, Kentland Homes, the home was dubbed ‘The Winchester’.

Kettle Valley’s First $1M Lot

Fast forward some 11 years to January 2015, when Kettle Valley sold its first lot for more than a million dollars. Located in The Highlands neighbourhood of the Kelowna community, the estate lot features spectacular views of nearby parks, Kelowna, and Okanagan Lake.

As you can see, real estate and homes in Kettle Valley make for a sound financial investment. Property values in this community have steadily appreciated over the years and with continued growth of the city and Kelowna’s Upper Mission, that trend is set to continue for the long term. According to projections from BC Stats, the population of Kelowna will exceed 150,000 by 2025, making now an excellent time to invest in property and the home of your dreams in Kettle Valley.

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