9 Diverse Architectural Styles In Kelowna’s Best Community

Kettle Valley has continued to grow and evolve in the more than 18 years since the Kelowna community first formed. Back in 1996, we were the first neo-traditional community in the Okanagan Valley and the homes and businesses were designed with an emphasis on classic architectural styles; West Coast Traditional, Shingle, Queen Anne, and Georgian. Today, our newest neighbourhood, The Highlands, opens up the available design styles and encourages individuality for Kelowna homeowners.


  • Low pitched front or side gable roofs
  • Extended roof ends sometimes flared
  • Dormer windows and multiple roof planes
  • Exposed rafter tails and beams
  • Decorative brackets under gables
  • Windows with multi-paned top sashes and single pane bottom sashes often grouped in threes
  • Large porch support columns often extended to ground level


  • Symmetrical or square facade
  • A front entry located in the centre of the home
  • Medium pitched roof
  • Typically two-story homes with an odd number of windows on the second level

French Country

  • Warm and intimate entry way with well crafted door
  • Steep roof pitches at varying heights
  • Subtle flared curves at eaves
  • Tall thin windows with shutters
  • Brick highlights around windows and doors


  • Gently sloping clay tile roof
  • Arched windows and doorways
  • Wrought iron detailing
  • Stucco exterior


  • Steeply pitched roof
  • Prominent cross gables
  • Decorative timber
  • Tall, narrow windows with small panes


  • Steeply pitched roof with cross gables
  • Dormer windows
  • Arched doors
  • Casement windows


  • Low pitched hip roof
  • Broad overhanging areas
  • Strong horizontal lines
  • Ribbons of windows, often casements to emphasize horizontal lines

West Coast Contemporary

  • Large windows
  • Post-and-beam architecture
  • Grand entrances
  • Wood finishes
  • Designs corresponding to the site
  • Bold rooflines

Okanagan Transitional

The Okanagan Transitional home and architectural style is one that is developed around the unique lifestyle and scenery in the Okanagan Valley. A cross between the Prairie and Contemporary home styles, Okanagan Transitional is a strong representation of the blend in contemporary styles, traditional materials, and a love of light and breathtaking views.

  • Irregular, asymmetrical façade
  • Strong, geometric shapes
  • Large windows, often tall and seemingly randomly placed in the façade
  • Distinctive roofline, usually with wide eave overhangs
  • Natural, often local, building materials used to create a connection to the outdoors

These new design changes allow residents of all backgrounds and styles to build their dream home within one of Kelowna’s most popular communities, Kettle Valley, which was named Canada’s Best Community by the Canadian Home Builders Association. With so many design styles available to homeowners in The Highlands, this latest neighbourhood in Kettle Valley will be a spectacular representation of the people and styles that make our Kelowna community wonderful.

If you have questions about the home styles and lot options in The Highlands at Kettle Valley, please call us at 1-800-764-2199.


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