Top 3 Tobogganing Hills in Kelowna’s Kettle Valley

A Google map has appeared online, pinpointing the best places to go tobogganing across Canada. Of course, living in the community of Kettle Valley in Kelowna’s Upper Mission, we have plenty of great tobogganing hills and views that make your winter fun extra magical.

We’ve added some of our favourite tobogganing hills to the Google map, and you can add your own favourites by visiting the map online and logging into your Google account.

To view Kelowna and Kettle Valley's tobogganing hills, visit the Great Canadian Tobogganing Map online and search "Kelowna".

Here are our top 3 favourite tobogganing hills in Kelowna’s Kettle Valley!

  1. Curlew Park
    Curlew Park is located behind Chute Lake Elementary School and is a popular site for sledding with the local community, as well as the rest of Kelowna! It’s great for kids of all ages and the slope of the hill allows you to pick up some speed on one side of the hill. If you want to take it a bit slower on your sled, you can move over to the other side of the hill for a more relaxed and child-friendly toboggan ride.

  2. Main Street Park / Compass Park
    The Compass is one of the most iconic landmarks in Kettle Valley and offers great views of the valley and Okanagan Lake. The small hill below the sculpture offers a slope that begins a bit steeper and tapers off into a more gradual incline, making it perfect for young children. As a bonus, the hill is just across the road from the Village Centre, where you can find great food, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea!

  3. Tulameen Park - Quilchena Park
    Just below Tulameen Park is a slope that leads down to Quilchena Park. This tobogganing hill has a fairly steep grade making it a favourite choice for older children, teens, and adults alike. There are no roads near this Kelowna tobogganing hill, so If you want to pick up a bit of speed, this is the place to do it - just be careful for the trees at the base of the hill and be ready to hike back up to the top when you are done.

As a community that is perched on the mountainside of Kelowna’s Okanagan Mountain, Kettle Valley offers a wide array of slopes that are perfect for tobogganing. In fact, if you live in Kettle Valley, you are never more than a couple of minutes away from some great tobogganing fun! Come and see for yourself!


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