Kettle Valley’s History: Constructing a Sense of Community

By 1999, just three years after our official ribbon cutting ceremony, word about our special community had begun to spread. Families began moving to the area, eager to explore the unique atmosphere and values that our Kelowna development naturally fosters.

The Kettle Valley Chronicle

True to the unique nature of our Upper Mission neighbourhood, the Kettle Valley Chronicle was a community newsletter, written and produced by our residents. Neighbours would send in their recipes, community news, and events, as well as articles on the latest goings on around the village. More recently, residents have once again taken on the production of a community newsletter.

Kettle Valley’s Hiking Trails

In the fall of 1998, the Kettle Valley Chronicle published a lovely article on the new hiking trails in Kettle Valley. With the completion of Oregon Grape Way and Ponderosa Path, residents were able to enjoy a total of ten kilometres of hiking trails, at a time when trails were undervalued by developers. Like the rest of our community, the hiking trails at Kettle Valley were carefully designed and residents could make the walk with their families, taking in some spectacular views along the way.

Active Family Living

That same year, construction was underway on our sportsfield, a regulation-size soccer field that was constructed as part of the City of Kelowna’s “Partners in Parks” program. Through this agreement, Kettle Valley contributed the land and construction costs, and the City contributed towards irrigation costs, maintenance, and the goal posts. Today, Kettle Valley hopes to relocate the sportsfield to a new location, adjacent to Quilchena Park, providing easier access and more parking for families and sports fans alike.

Kettle Valley Real Estate

Our idyllic community launched with 14 beautiful showhomes and plenty of Kelowna residents were curious about our neotraditional development. From 1996 through 1999, the Village of Kettle Valley subdivided 8 phases of development for a total of 108 lots and by the end of 1998, things had really begun to start rolling as more and more people flocked to Kelowna’s most unique real estate development. In 1998, Phase V lots were available from as low as $56,900 and the home values have continued to grow at a healthy pace ever since.


Today, there are a number of master-planned developments throughout the Okanagan Valley, and several developments adjacent to Kettle Valley itself. However, thanks to the thoughtful design and architecture in the heart of our community, as well as the incredible people and families that call our streets home, there is truly no place like Kettle Valley.


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