Amazing Wildlife To Be Found in Kettle Valley's Backyard

Moose at Kettle Valley Rail Trails - Village of Kettle Valley


Not far from The Village of Kettle Valley is the Gillard Forest service road. During the spring, summer, and fall seasons it is a popular route for locals and visitors alike who are looking to access the Kettle Valley Rail Trail system.


The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is a multi-use recreational trail that was originally home to the Kettle Valley Railway. The rail line was originally opened in 1915 and spans from Midway to Hope, BC. Over the years, sections of the trial were abandoned and it eventually fell into total disuse in 1989. Today, the KVR trail system allows folks both young and old a great place to mountain bike, hike and possibly spot a deer, moose, elk, bobcat, lynx or even an elusive mountain lion.


While the KVR trail is a popular destination during the warmer Okanagan months, there is still plenty of adventure to be had during the winter. The Kettle Valley trail system is a great spot for the adventure minded ATV, snowmobile or 4-wheel drive vehicle owner to visit, offering an opportunity to photograph large and small wildlife. The snow covered ground reveals lots of animal tracks, which make it easier to locate wildlife by determining how recent the tracks are and which direction they go.


Recently, our general manager and his wife spotted this cow moose and calf thanks to fresh tracks that led them to the majestic animals.


Cow Moose and Calf on Kettle Valley Rail Trail


Please note: In the winter months this area receives much more snow than the surrounding valley. Caution is advised before attempting to enter this area. Weather conditions can change abruptly and proper supplies should be carried, along with the use of the proper equipment needed to navigate through this area.  

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