Quilchena Development Update

As many of you are aware, the Village of Kettle Valley seeked your input on the change in development type for a parcel of land located at Thalia Street and Quilchena Drive. Based on community feedback, the Village of Kettle Valley has finalized a neighbourhood layout that is based on the resident input we received at our open house events on February 15 and May 2, 2016. This current design reflects the desire of the surrounding community and maintains the values of Kettle Valley.

The feedback we received from those who attended the open house and participated in selecting preferred home/park mixes and road layouts has help us in submitting an application to the City of Kelowna that reflects public preference. We have taken your selections into account and we thank you for your input.

The benefit of each housing type and park space is outlined below.


Final Layout

Home/Park Mix Characteristics:

  • 2.99 acres of land has been set aside outside of City requirements to provide space for:
    • Approximate 2.62 acre park donation  directly adjacent to Quilchena park including the Athletic Field, Amphitheatre/Public Space and additional open space that could facilitate the expansion of the existing parking area
    • Approximate 0.28ac green space providing a pedestrian entrance centered on Compass Park, a pedestrian entrance to Quilchena Park, a wide green buffer from proximal lots, and preservation of view corridors
    • Additional linear dedication of approx. 0.09ac facilitating a 6m wide pedestrian travel way including a 3m multi-use path and 3m landscaped “dog walk” boulevard providing continuity to parks
  • Outer appearance of the property maintains current home style; garages and parking to the back of lots, accessed through lanes, and pedestrian access to the front of homes    
  • Large lots front the future field and Quilchena Parks, providing passive monitoring and a deterrent to unwanted activity
  • Slim style lots similar to existing lots at Compass Park are tucked into the core
  • Townhomes are hidden in the core and reduce site coverage, allowing for a more open community and preventing back to back single family lots.
  • Townhome Strata road dips 3m at entry to prevent view obstruction and mask parking and garages

Road Layout Characteristics:

  • Road connections provide a linear path with a direct connection to future field and Quilchena Park
  • Provides a linear path connection to Providence Ave with a visual continuation of Main St framing Compass Park
  • Pedestrian accesses provide additional benefit of a third and fourth emergency access 
  • Provides a connection to Quilchena Dr directly across from the West connection of Quilchena Crescent.

Preserving Sightlines and Lakeviews

The Village of Kettle Valley will implement “Height Restriction Covenants” that will restrict the height of dwellings in an attempt to preserve views and character. Height restrictions across the entire development will be written into legal titles on each property in the development to preserve these lake views. Lastly, Kettle Valley would include “No Build Covenants” and “No Disturb Covenants”, in efforts to ensure that no vegetation or temporary structures disturb views.

The following diagrams illustrate the cutlines for two properties, ‘Section A’ and ‘Section B’, and their corresponding views.


Comments and Feedback

Those who attended our Open House on May 2nd had the opportunity to read a document that we prepared to help clear up some of the misinformation that has been circulating about this project. 
View ‘For The Record’ details

At the Open House, we were also able to present some of the comments and feedback from residents that helped to shape the three development layout options outlined above. Click the link below to view some of the resident comments we presented and examples of the incorporated design elements.

View the Survey Comments

Open Letter to the Community

On April 4th, the Village of Kettle Valley published an open letter from Stephen Wells, President. This letter addressed many of the concerns that residents have expressed, as well as some of the inaccuracies that have circulated in a petition.

Click to read the Open Letter

Property Background

A timeline detailing the property background was released in March, giving residents an opportunity to learn more about the intended usage for this property.

Click to read the Property Background